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Review Roundup: New Propel Range A Big Hit With Media!

Following a successful debut that included multiple stage wins at the Tour de France last summer, the new Propel aero road bike range has continued to make headlines with the world’s top cycling media outlets.

The flagship model of the new Propel range, the Propel Advanced SL, was introduced to the world last July, when Team BikeExchange-Jayco sprinter Dylan Groenewegen captured Stage 3 of the Tour de France. Thirteen days later, Groenewegen’s teammate Michael Matthews proved that the new Propel could do more than just sprint when he launched a brilliant solo attack and powered his aero machine to victory on the grueling, hilly Stage 14.

Beyond its race-winning stiffness-to-weight ratio, the new Propel delivers a dynamic ride quality with greater control in a variety of situations, as tester James Huang explained in a comprehensive long-term review of the Propel Advanced SL on the CyclingTips website:

“[The new Propel is] a glorious bike to ride. It’s tangibly light and stiff – not just for an aero bike, but for a good road bike, period… It’s a wonderful partner on long climbing days and when you’re feeling inspired to attack steep pitches. Sharp stabs at the pedals are rewarded with quick bursts of speed with no hint of delay or hesitation. The handling is precise and responsive. It’s somewhat buzzy and electric-feeling, but without feeling harsh or unwelcoming. It’s the veritable eager puppy, always up for another go and brimming with more energy than you.”

There was a similar refrain on the U.K.-based website Cyclist, where tech editor Sam Challis awarded the Propel Advanced SL 0 a perfect 5 stars, writing that the bike, “might just be the most complete race bike out there.”

Challis also marveled at how well the Propel was able to blend aero efficiency with low weight. “The Propel’s aero tube profiles married to its light overall weight means the bike not only accelerates from low speed like dedicated climber’s bike but feels like it holds high speed in a way the best aero bikes do too, which generally are heavier and/or harsher than the Propel… if I were a consumer in the market for a premium race bike, I’d have a hard time looking past the Giant Propel Advanced SL 0.”

BikeRadar Senior Technical Writer Simon von Bromley gave the Propel a near perfect 4.5 stars thanks in part to the Propel’s wispy and comfortable character, noting that, “Our size M/L test bike weighs a feathery 6.91kg, including the new aero bottle cages and an out-front computer mount… And the slim rear end and carbon handlebar do a great job of dissipating road buzz and preventing too much build-up of fatigue from riding on rough roads.”

Finally, BikeRumor called out some of the Propel’s key frame details, noting that, “The head tube, down tube, and bottom bracket junction are stiffer to reduce torsional and lateral flex, allowing more of the rider’s power to make it to the rear wheel. The chainstays, seatstays, and (for the top Propel Advanced SL model) seatmast were thinned out to improve compliance. The thinner tubes also saved weight, giving this new version a better power to weight ratio than before.”

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  • Very light, confident handling, fast and responsive ride feel. Those were some of the accolades BikeRadar listed in its long-term review of the Propel.
  • Australian Michael Matthews launched a solo attack to win Stage 14 of the 2022 Tour de France in dramatic fashion on his Propel Advanced SL team bike. Cor Vos photo
  • The Propel’s D-shaped fork steerer tube and integrated aero spacers combine with the Contact SLR Aero cockpit to optimize aerodynamic performance.
  • CyclingTips noted that the Propel comes with a pair of composite bottle cages that have profiled bases to minimize wind drag.
  • Aerodynamic testing was conducted at the GST wind tunnel in Immenstaad, Germany, using a dynamic mannequin with pedaling legs to simulate real-world conditions at various wind speeds and yaw angles.
  • The Propel’s superbly clean cockpit features a two-piece Contact SLR Aero handlebar and stem, which routes the cables beneath the channeled stem and into the frame behind the steerer tube.
  • Team BikeExchange-Jayco sprinter Dylan Groenewegen confirmed the sprinting capabilities of the Giant Propel Advanced SL with an emphatic win against some of the best sprinters in the world on Stage 3 of the 2022 Tour de France. Cor Vos photo

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